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The place is dim, the only light coming from old car headlights powered by solar. The smell is a mixture of smoke, body odor, and roasting meat.

They serve one kind of liquor under seven different names. They serve three meals a day but there's only one item on the menu. In the apocalypse, one can't be too picky.

The other patrons are hard people. They had to be to survive a year without power and fuel. They wear guns and knives, and they know how to use them. Most are gaunt and scarred.

It's the kind of place you can buy a weapon, hear a live band, and pick up the latest gossip on when the lights might come back on.

The Reset Roadhouse is the name of a post-apocalyptic roadhouse/bar in Franklin Horton's bestselling Borrowed World series. Most of the products for sale in this collection are based on characters, elements, themes, or ideas from his various books. In some cases they may have no relationship with the books beyond that which exists in the author's head.

Check out the catalog to see what items are available. You can also scroll down to learn more about the book series that inspired this shop.

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  • The Borrowed World

    Like a lot of people, Jim Powell thought that the country was overdue for a reset. Some days he even longed for it, wanting nothing more than to be free of the news cycle, the noise, and politics of the day. He knew such an event could bring tough times but he thought he was ready. Then he learns that living through an apocalypse is a lot tougher than preparing for one.

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  • The Mad Mick

    For a hardened assassin and his daughter, navigating the apocalypse is little more than business as usual. They have food, weapons, top-notch gear, and connections in the darkest holes of the special operations community. Just don't cross them because hell hath no fury like the Maguires.

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  • Locker Nine

    Grace's dad taught her survival and self-defense, wanting to give her a fighting chance if the worst ever happened. Then it did.

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